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Bright Ibeawuchi - Executive DirectorBright Ibeawuchi - Executive Director
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Executive Director at Business Aviation Network. Experienced Online Community manager, Joomla CMS Developer.
Founder and Executive Director of the Business Aviation Network and the Business Aviation Network Group on LinkedIn The Business Aviation Network is a business aviation networking and online community website. Business Aviation Network (BAN) brings together professionals in the business aviation industry for local networking meetings to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information. Business jet manufacturers and sales professionals. Aircraft dealers, Charter operators, Aircraft fractional and Jet Card ownership programs, Air taxis, FBO, Corporate pilots and corporate aviation personal are welcome. Connect-Network-Prosper!

Michael FlannellyMichael Flannelly - LinkedIn group manager.
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Principal @ Aviation Consultant Corp | Founder Aviation for Business |

Fulfilling 25+ years in aviation that began with the achievement of my private pilot license @ 17. While still attending school I instructed, managed and flew as a line pilot (FAA part 135) in the busy Northeast Corridor of the US. This simultaneous development of education and piloting skills early in my career shape my understanding of aviation as a business tool.

My passion: Aviation and Flying combined with contributing to the success of others.

I give back to the aviation community through the Business Aviation Network by Providing leadership, direction and monitoring to the largest Business Aviation Networking Group on LinkedIn. Bringing together aviation professionals, users and service providers across the business and aviation industries.


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