Are you interested in contributing to Business Aviation Network? At  Business Aviation Network we encourages all our  members to post on the Business Aviation Insight blog page.  Because our group is made of up of a diverse cross section of the Business Aviation industry, content from our membership is a valuable source of information, ideas and current trends for the business aviation community at large. Guest blogging is a great way to initiate a conversation around your  ideas or theory, and engage in a debate with our readers.

We are  looking for bloggers that can commit to regular blogging. Can provide insight, share lessons they have learned, and useful tips that they can pass on to our readership. In addition to your observations, how-tos, case studies, Any and all subjects related to Business Aviation.

The criteria for a blog post is simple. we would like to have the post be your original content, ideas, thoughts and observations. Meaning, don’t just post a link to another article on the web and add some commentary. We want your post to be the one that other group members reference.

Also, do not make your post a question. It’s ok to ask what others think in regards to your post, but let’s not make it the primary purpose. For example, do not post something like “What do you think of the new HondaJet  Rather, tell us what you think of the new HondaJet.

We encourage guest bloggers to read the comments on their posts and get involved with the debate. it helps to encourage more people to comment.

We ask for exclusivity on all guest blog posts. In particular we do not want Google’s duplicate content filter to effect or site SEO rankings. Guests bloggers should write posts specifically for the Business Aviation Network audience. We do not want second-hand blog posts, or posts that will appear on other sites after they’ve been published on BAN.

Our goal is to establish your thought-leadership credentials, so you should be writing informative, insightful posts. Overt attempts to promote products and services is not allowed.

The length of the post should be no less than 300 words and include related images if necessary. We don’t have a maximum at this point, just don’t write a book. Your contact links are acceptable, so feel free to include 1-2 of them in your bios, and/or 1-2 of them in your submission

Contact us and include who you are, and what you’d like to write about. Either a specific topic or an area you’re interested in will be fine. You can write your post in any word processing application you want… such as Word, Pages, Google docs, plain text…or even just write it in an email.

Once you are finished, just email it to us and we will manage the posting to the site. Of course, we will be listing you as the author along with a link to your Linkedin profile. If you have a headshot (100x100 pixels) We will also display that. Once you have established yourself we’ll set you up with a blog account so you can submit as you’d like.

Submit your material to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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